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   Our primary focus is on bridging the gap between business and IT to help clients realize measurable business value from their IT-enabled investments. As a result, we have become one of the fastest growing consultancies in the industry by combining technology lifecycle and vertical industry expertise and experience. In the process, we have transformed management consulting while helping our clients transform their businesses.

Challenges and opportunities

   There is widespread agreement among business stakeholders and their IT counterparts that innovation and strategic investments in emerging technologies are critical to achieving competitive advantage and delivering shareholder value. But standing in the way are organizational barriers and differences in perspective, focus, goals and objectives.

The thrust toward on-time, on-budget delivery and cost reduction have left many IT organizations under-funded and ill-prepared to innovate. Meanwhile, business executives and stakeholders impatient for innovation often fail to appreciate the complexity of and threats to existing IT investments. They want to see measurable returns as fast as possible.

That many, perhaps the majority of businesses are faced with the same barriers, presents a unique opportunity to bring business and IT together to identify, invest in, and measure the outcomes of strategic digital marketing, business intelligence and analytics, process automation, mobility, and related technology initiatives.

How Venkasys delivers business value

   We've changed the traditional consulting model of serial engagements -- business strategy consultants followed by IT strategy consultants followed by implementation strategy consultants, with never the same people. We provide vertical industry and process expertise with extensive experience in technologies that help drive innovation. Instead of simply handing off projects to our business applications, systems integration, and IT implementation counterparts, we are joined with them at an organizational level to seamlessly deliver end-to-end services.

The core element of our approach is the Venkasys Value Realization Method (VRM), a management framework for maximizing the value return from major IT-enabled investments. Integrated into the fabric of our delivery model, VRM spans initial value discovery and buy-in, to establishing accountability - guiding solution designers, and providing client program managers with benefits tracking and reporting capabilities

How we deliver value in management consulting

   Venkasys Management Consulting Services is built on a solid foundation of horizontal offerings to which we add specific domain expertise appropriate to our clients' requirements. We help them transform their business with innovative strategies aligned to the specific needs of their industry and unique organizational requirements. With this approach, we're able to take on complex business / technology challenges and deliver winning strategies by helping clients improve efficiencies, increase agility, infuse flexibility, and reduce costs.

Core services

   Where IT once served as the operational arm of business, success in today's economy is practically unthinkable without close alignment of the two. It is for this reason our core Management Consulting Services offerings are grounded in business strategy and processes as well as current and emerging technologies.

This way, we work with clients by providing services designed to help them achieve:

  • Strategic Insights - By extracting actionable insights from enterprise data through research, analytics tools, and innovative frameworks to empower business users by enabling them to make more effective business decisions.
  • Process Transformation - By leveraging best practices inherent within industry-leading innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages to help clients reduce operations costs, enhance competitiveness, and increase marketshare.
  • Organizational Transformation - Through collaborative approaches created to weave together processes, systems, and work practices to address the human elements of change programs and ensure adoption, accountability, and desired performance levels.
  • Information Transformation - With 'agile' approaches to solving the challenges of designing, planning, and selecting the right technologies for ROI-focused business intelligence and data management initiatives.
  • IT Strategy - Developed to help CIOs identify and cultivate critical IT capabilities needed to better align with and fulfill business goals, improve performance, and deliver value to stakeholders and shareholders.
  • Digital Transformation - By leveraging digital marketing, multi-channel commerce and mobility trends and technologies, enabling clients to engage with and learn about individuals and communities in ways that deliver value to them and to their diverse stakeholders.