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What Is VoIP?

   VoIP is a technology that allows us to make telephone calls over an IP network (like the Internet) instead of over traditional landlines. The main advantage of VoIP over traditional telephony is cost. Line rental costs are lower and calls are cheaper, or even free between VoIP users. By using your IP network for external phone calls, calls between your branches, and home-workers can be completely free, and the cost of calls to calls to your customers and others, significantly reduced.

What is SIP then?

   SIP is a Voip protocol. Often the terms SIP and VoIP are used interchangeably. SIP is just a protocol that allows multiple trunks to be used .usually to replace standard lines on an IP based phone system.

Why should you consider using SIP on our telephone system?

   The main benefit of VoIP is cheaper phone calls. External phone calls are at a significantly lower rate. With SIP in place you can speak to colleagues in different branches free of charge. This is particularly useful for the increasing number of small businesses who have multiple sites. As the cost of broadband internet access also comes down, SIP systems are now within the reach of small businesses. Telecom Services offer SIP deals specifically for the small business sector.

How can calls be cheaper?

   Traditional telephone calls work by allocating an entire phone line to each call. With VoIP, voice data is compressed and transmitted over an IP network in packages using up to 90% less bandwidth, consequently making it more cost effective and efficient than a traditional telephone call.

Are there any other benefits?

   Other benefits that often come with SIP technology include numbering services like number portability - the ability to take your number with you if your business relocates. You can even have additional geographically based numbers, for example a business based in Belfast can also have a Manchester number. This means you can have a virtual local presence anywhere!

Any drawbacks?

   Nothing is perfect, and VOIP is no exception. It requires a solid broadband connection However, if you can be sure of a good broadband connection, high quality hardware and a good SIP service provider, you can use VoIP without fear. We use it ourselves and have proven its reliability - call with us and see for yourself.